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Jill Gilber

COMPETITION: World Recipe Championship

QUALIFYING EVENT: Kenmore 100 Anniversary Home Cooked Contest

Welcome and thanks for stopping by to check out my profile.

My name is Jill a.k.a. Jilly From Philly in the world of competitive recipe contesting, also paying proud homage to my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
I started competing in recipe contests four years ago and have had the “pedal to the metal” ever since. My best ideas come to me at 3:00 a.m. which is why a pen and notebook are always within close reach, and in most cases these are the recipes that usually result in a win. There is no doubt that I have entered far more contests than I have won, but I am most proud of my recent Kenmore 100th Anniversary Recipe Contest win which qualified me to compete in this year’s World Food Championships in the “Recipe” category.
I absolutely attribute my love and appreciation of food, both cooking it and eating it, to my parents. Dinner time was nothing less than a full course, gourmet meal. The fridge always had a rotating stock of exciting delicacies such as pate, caviar and gourmet cheeses. The icing on the cake was never having to order from the kids menu!
I have carried on these same traditions with my own family but the only difference is,
everyone knows not to dare touch dinner until I have photographed it from every angle possible.
I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to being in the company of so many accomplished, enthusiastic cooks and chefs. Let’s do this!

Favorite Food= Soft Shell Crabs prepared any which way

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