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Events Edmonton to host Canadian Food Championships
Events Edmonton has partnered with the World Food Championships (WFC) to host one exclusive qualifying event in 2015 for the entire country of Canada. MORE
How the Canadian Food Championships will feed into the WFC
The Canadian Food Championships will provide Canadian chefs and home cooks a chance to compete for cash and “Golden Maple Leaf” tickets to the 2015 World Food Championships. MORE
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World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Watch the 2014 World Chef Champion @ChefSGrostick prepare his Great Frickin' Chicken! #foodchamp
Dec 17, 6:30pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Check out our Facebook page for some pictures from the Thursday Night Awards Ceremony! #foodchamp
Dec 17, 1:39pm PST
Destination Cuisine @DestCuisine
Check out "How to Make Sexy Bacon" made with @Snapguide @WorldFoodChamp @SandwichAmerica
Dec 17, 11:40am PST
tamie joeckel @tamiejoeckel
Cooking in the @WrightBacon category of the 2014 @WorldFoodChamp! Had a ball and can't wait until next year's comp!
Dec 17, 11:09am PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Head over to our Facebook page to see some pics from the Bacon World Championship! #bacon #foodchamp
Dec 16, 7:50pm PST
Big Woodie BBQ @BigWoodieBBQ
@BigWoodieBBQ: 5,500 lbs of food being delivered to Webster county pantry! @Resers @WorldFoodChamp #reserscares #bbq
Dec 16, 2:43pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
WFC win a career highlight for Jim Elser! #foodchamp #barbecue
Dec 16, 1:00pm PST
Lockeland Table @LockelandTable
Our #Vegas dinner on Jan. 21 will have a guest friend/chef for dessert coarse @mdcorbin who competed in @WorldFoodChamp dessert category!
Dec 16, 11:05am PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Who could use some #dessert right about now? We know we could! #yum #foodchamp
Dec 15, 6:30pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Team Bull does it again! @BullOutdoor #foodchamp #burger
Dec 15, 1:45pm PST
The Beefy Boys @thebeefyboys
Here's our trailer for our documentary about @WorldFoodChamp in Vegas. big thanks to @WyeValleyBrew @grillstock
Dec 14, 11:20pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
A Penn College culinary arts student was among the top 15 cooks at the World Seafood Championship! #foodchamp
Dec 14, 6:00pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
The Half Baked Hippies came home from Vegas with #foodchamp fame, fortune and new foodie friends!
Dec 13, 6:00pm PST
Lockeland Table @LockelandTable
Still need a gift idea? Jan. 21 we will be hosting a dinner w/ a menu of the food Chef Hal & Danny cooked in Vegas at the @WorldFoodChamp !!
Dec 13, 4:45pm PST
Sandwich America @SandwichAmerica
SA along with @YourTaylorFarms proud sponsor of @WorldFoodChamp and @sandwichchamp Kelli C. Cool video!
Dec 13, 2:36pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Scottsdale Spice competitor wows WFC judges with Chees-y, Potato-y, Beer-y Soup! #foodchamp
Dec 13, 1:00pm PST
Tha Love Chef @Chefjernard
@WorldFoodChamp I'm ready let the battles begin!!
Dec 12, 3:13pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Check out the highlight reel from the 2014 World Food Championships! Now who's ready for Kissimmee? #foodchamp
Dec 12, 2:11pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
We'll see you in July, Edmonton! #foodchamp #CanadianFoodChampionships
Dec 12, 12:00pm PST
Jen Vela @figjamcatering
When I test recipes, I like to wear this reminder to keep my #eyesontheprize @worldfoodchamp
Dec 12, 11:06am PST

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