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San Diego Chef Crowned 2014 World Food Champion
Two-time Bacon World Champion surpasses more than 400 competitors to win $100,000 at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. MORE
Category Champions Face-off at the Final Table
WFC Final Standings determined after nine Champions square-off at the Final Table MORE
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Chef Terry French @Chef_French
So long vegas @WorldFoodChamp Simon @kybourbonmaker @chefsroll @GunterWilhelm it's was a blast @linkiemarais...
Nov 19, 5:22pm PST
GreenThumbWhiteApron @mistermartha
@HappyEggCoUSAThank you for the EGGcellent goodies at the @WorldFoodChamp contest in #Vegas #FoodChamp
Nov 19, 5:20pm PST
Specialty Produce @SpecialtyProd
San Diego Chef - @kitchenmafioso is the 2014 @WorldFoodChamp!!! Congrats Chef!!
Nov 19, 5:09pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Final table thx! @Emily_Ellyn @Sabina_Kelley @Robin_Leach @LouieAnderson @Yazoosdeltaq @Chitownchef @SimonMajumdar
Nov 19, 2:57pm PST
Emily Ellyn @Emily_Ellyn
Love all of you! Cheers to a fabulous @WorldFoodChamp 2014! @SimonMajumdar @BethsTable @Chitownchef
Nov 19, 2:49pm PST
Simon Majumdar @SimonMajumdar
@Emily_Ellyn @WorldFoodChamp @BethsTable @Chitownchef a delight to spend time with you all
Nov 19, 2:43pm PST
Hal Holden-Bache @halholdenbache
We are going to be doing a dinner in mid-January @LockelandTable cooking the food we cooked @WorldFoodChamp in Vegas !! More details soon..
Nov 19, 1:50pm PST
Craig Baker @Cbchef88
Back home in Indy. Thanks for all the support @WorldFoodChamp @LocalEateryPub @plowanchor @bentrailbrewery
Nov 19, 1:50pm PST
BBQ Pits By Pitmaker @Pitmaker
Last sunrise in Vegas for @WorldFoodChamp. Great times. May miss this city at next year's #foodchamp in Florida...
Nov 19, 1:50pm PST
GrillGrate @GrillGrate
@ChefSGrostick Congrats on winning Chef's Challenge at @WorldFoodChamp . YOU and your peers are exactly why we sponsored! Bravo!
Nov 19, 1:48pm PST
Southern Pride @SoPrideBBQ
Gotta love pig! Bacon reigns as #foodchamp at the 2014 @WorldFoodChamp!
Nov 19, 1:34pm PST
Dave Elliott @FoodChampDave
Congrats to Ricardo Heredia on winning the 2014 World Food Championships! #foodchamp
Nov 19, 1:33pm PST
Jen Vela @figjamcatering
I clearly have not mentally checked out of the @WorldFoodChamp yet; I'm already having ideas for next year. #foodchamp #letsdothis
Nov 19, 1:33pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Thank you @DerekJStevens and @theDlasvegas for helping to make our event so successful and making us feel at home!
Nov 19, 1:09am PST
Wade Fortin @wordburgerchamp
What a great week! Took 2nd at the WFC #foodchamp #nextyear @BullOutdoor @Chitownchef @WorldFoodChamp @LouieAnderson
Nov 19, 1:06am PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Two-time Bacon World Champion and now your 2014 World Food Champion, Ricardo Heredia! #foodchamp
Nov 19, 12:21am PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Congrats to Wade Fortin, your World Food Champion runner-up!
Nov 18, 11:08pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
Are you kidding me!?! Ricardo Heredia is your 2014 World Food Champion! #foodchamp
Nov 18, 10:48pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
In 3rd place.... Jim Elser! Congrats! #foodchamp
Nov 18, 10:45pm PST
World Food Champion @WorldFoodChamp
One of those nine competitors is about to take home that briefcase full of cash! #foodchamp
Nov 18, 10:33pm PST

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