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Red Robin
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Food Champ Chili Contest Winners Announced!
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Bear's Smokehouse New England BBQ Championships

in Hartford, CT on September 5-6, 2015

Riverfront Recapture will partner with Hartford's new celebrity restaurant owner, Jamie "The Bear" McDonald of Bear's Smokehouse to bring you the Bear's Smokehouse New England BBQ Championships. This 2-day event will showcase the talent of 30 cooking teams who will compete for $20,000 in prize money. VIEW SITE
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Suzanne Clark

2014 World Pasta Championship

As an artist, creativity consumes my life-especially when it comes to cooking! I put my artistic touch on all my dishes along with years of skill earned in the kitchen while cooking for my family of seven! I bring “Mom Power” to the kitchen arena and the determination to win and to prove that Moms can take on anyone, including professional chefs at any time! I am a blogger, a Lifestyle Expert on a local... VIEW FULL BIO

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